Here you will find an eye opening guide to your sixth sense. You will explore intellectual traditions encompassing Chinese and Indian philosophies  blended with techniques to create and stimulate your 6th sense to master your life. This website is for Visionary People who are risk taking and forward thinking to take advantage of intuition  to accomplish their life’s purpose and path to freedom.  

Some people think of intuition as a mystical power. Skeptics write it off as a matter of lucky guesswork. But scientists who study the phenomenon say it’s a very real ability that can be identified in lab experiments and visualized on brain scans.  Read on to find out  about your gut feelings, plus surprising ways to tune in to your body’s signals and tap the inner powers of your intuition. Research shows that our instincts often hit us first on a visceral level, telling us what we need to know well before our consciousness catches up.

My ambition; is to enable every person who visits this website  to become familiar and comfortable with this process and realize sometimes we need to stretch our minds and embrace a new paradigm  to experience  what we thought was impossible only to discover it becomes possible.

We have moved into mainstream in our understanding and application of unseen energies and ancient ways. Ancient cultures have known about balanced and harmonious energies for centuries. With applying modern teachings we are able to focus on the process of manifesting what we visualize and imprint on our subconscious mind to accomplish what we want to make manifest.

My purpose remains very clear; I am a personal guide who is able to explain that which is not seen or understood. I translate messages for others who do not possess the talent or techniques to read energy or decipher messages from their own guides or Angels. While we are all born with this ability, many of us lose our openness to receiving information or choose not to engage in these processes.

Explore my site and if I can help you let me know.